Part 3: AVID program to graduate first class in school history


This week, The Coyote Caller will publish a Q and A each day with select AVID seniors. NOTE: All seniors’ responses are listed today.

Today’s question: What are your post-high school plans? If you’re going to college, which one? What do you think you’ll major in? If you’re going into the military, which branch and why?

Megan Morehead: “I am planning on going to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and majoring in business analytics.”

Deniyah Bowe: “My post-high school plan is to attend Austin Peay, majoring in nursing.”

Gabriel Vandiver: “I am going to UTC (Tennessee-Chattanooga), majoring in business and minoring in real estate.”

Kaleb Evans: ” I am going to be an EMT for the state of Kentucky, and after 3-4 years I will transfer to being a Sheriff’s Deputy.”

Alejandro Sandoval: “I plan on going to Cumberland University. I think I’ll major in Business Administration.”

David Farley: “I plan to go to Tennessee Tech to major in computer science to hopefully get a career in software development.”

Zaire Kennedy: “I plan on going to trade school for mechatronics and getting a well-paying job.”

Taylor Page: “I will be attending the University of Memphis to major in biology in hopes of becoming a physician’s assistant in specializing with babies.”

Mason Hendrickson: “I plan to get an associate’s degree in Applied Science, majoring in Industrial Process Control Tech. I will attend Nashville State Community College.”

Nalia Fermaintt: “I will be attending Austin Peay State University majoring in business management.”

Johnathan Maldonado: “I’m going to Austin Peay and majoring in business management with a minor in accounting.”

Xavier Branch: “I plan to attend Austin Peay and enroll in ROTC during my freshman year. I want to major in cyber security. I would like to enlist in the Navy.”

Lanae Massey: “I’m going to UIC (University of Illinois-Chicago) after high school and I will be majoring in creative writing.”

Ja’lin Washington: “I will be going to Austin Peay State University to study music education.”

Nate Conley: “I plan on attending the University of Memphis, and my major will be electrical engineering.”

Kylee O’Rourke: “I’m going to Tennessee Tech University for nursing because I’ve always wanted to help others.”

Sanaii Reeves: “After high school, I plan on attending the University of Memphis to major in nursing to pursue a career as a traveling OBGYN physician assistant.”

Ja’Rel Jennings: “Running track at Bethel University. I’m majoring in health and human performance to be a physical therapist.”

Jayla Wiggins: “I’m going to Shawnee Community College, majoring in nursing.”

Shemar Walker: “I want to do a trade in engineering to start off or go to the AirForce because they treat their soldiers with more respect, and I will get travel (I never really been outside of Clarksville) and get real-world discipline.”

Quinton Wagner: “I’m going to the Army because my family wouldn’t be able to afford college, so I plan to join the military to put me through it.”

Jibril Foronas: “I plan to attend the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and I plan to major in Information Sciences.”

Ashlynn Smith: “After high school, I plan to attend TCAT for their year-long LPN program. After I finish my LPN I plan to work in the emergency room while I go back to med school to become a surgeon.”

Josiah Price: “I’m going to Anne Arundel Community College to major in communications and to play soccer.”