Part 2: AVID program to graduate first class in school history


This week, The Coyote Caller will publish a Q and A each day with select AVID seniors. All seniors will be represented at least once.

Today’s question: Of all the things you’ve experienced in the AVID program, what do you think was the most positive? Explain why.

Mason Hendrickson: “The most positive is that it is a guarantee that you will have friends and family within AVID. This is because everyone is positive and very encouraging.”

Ja’Rel Jennings: “Going on college visits showed me that I actually want to go to college.”

Quinton Wagner: “The environment. Everyone here is cool with each other whether they speak or not. There is no animosity or hostility, just friendliness.”

Ja’lin Washington: “Getting a head start on working on college. It was very helpful as we get an early look as to what to expect in college.”

Jibril Foronas: “I think the most positive experience for me was taking a field trip to UT Knoxville. That trip inspired my decision to pursue college at UT Knox.”

Jayla Wiggins: The most positive thing I’ve experienced is the Avid Awards Night, all cheering for each other and our accomplishments.”

Ashlynn Smith: “I think the amount of opportunities that you are given while in the program is the best thing because you are able to see so many more career paths than most students. For me, being able to talk to so many different people from different jobs allowed me to consider jobs that I never would have thought about and appreciate all the small parts that make up the bigger picture.”

Nalia Fermaintt: “I have had so much help with the tutors that come in and help with problems from schoolwork.”

Daisy Lam: “I think the most positive thing I have experienced in the AVID program is being to meet so many lifelong friends. In high school, it’s difficult to make new friends but through AVID I was able to meet people who had similar interests and hobbies, and I was able to experience so many new things with them. Through AVID I was able to meet my best friend who I have been able to share so many memories.”