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The Coyote Caller

The Coyote Caller

The Coyote Caller

Top 10 seniors announced


After three and a half years of high school, seniors’ grades are tallied and the top 10 of the senior class are celebrated for their hard work.

On January 25, the top 10 seniors in the Class of 2024 popped balloons to find out how their hard work paid off.

After the balloon-popping fun ended, the 10 seniors learned of their places. The top 10 are in order:

10. Alana Huskisson

9. Jacob Callendar

8. Darin Harris

7. A.J. Anderson

6. Morrison Harkness

5. Dylan Moses

4. James Wu

tie 2. Madison Clayborne

tie 2. Madison Bennett

1. Janyamol Paine