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Standford Thompson earns wrestling All-American status

Finishes 8th in nation at National Championships
Coach Brock Budesheim and junior Standford Thompson pose for a photo at the wrestling championships in Fargo, ND.

When junior Standford Thompson first stepped onto the wrestling mat at the FargoDome in Fargo, North Dakota, this past June, he was amazed at the sheer size and number of competitors there. Over 7,000 wrestlers from across the United States and Puerto Rico were there to compete.

By the time he finished 8th in the nation in his division a week later, he had guaranteed himself a scholarship to wrestle in college. He also became the first male wrestler from Clarksville to achieve All-American status.

From June 14 through June 22, Thompson competed in the 16U National Championships. The competition included men’s freestyle, Greco-Roman and women’s freestyle.

“Finishing [in the] top eight in the nation at Fargo was a huge milestone in tracking my progress for me,” Thompson said. “I felt extremely proud of myself knowing I started in 6th grade losing almost every match to placing top eight in the nation at the biggest high school tournament.”

WCHS head wrestling coach Brock Budesheim was there for those tough middle school days.

“Coach [Shane] Fierge and I have been a part of Standford’s wrestling career ever since his middle school days,” Coach Budesheim said. “Being able to watch him grow as a man and in the sport of wrestling has been quite the journey, and he continues to prove why he is one of the best in the country.”

Thompson knew that going up against wrestlers from around the country would not be easy.

“The competition was definitely intense and eye-opening,” he said. “I had to really stick to the plan and do what I knew how to do because this wasn’t the tournament to try new things.”

Coach Budesheim credits Thompson’s work ethic for finishing in the top eight.

“The way he takes in information and continuously looks for ways to improve his craft is what makes him a good wrestler,” Coach Budesheim said. “He searches for extra time on the mat and in the wrestling room as much as possible as well. I can teach technique until I am blue in the face, but I cannot teach work ethic.”

Thompson has been wrestling for six years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Winning a wrestling scholarship for college guarantees that he has a future at the collegiate level.

But he isn’t done with high school yet. This October he will complete in the Super 32, a tournament held in Greensboro, North Carolina.

This time, however, he won’t be amazed. He’s been there, done that.