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The Coyote Caller

Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Scott Hoskins, Journalism Adviser/Photographer • Published May 13, 2024
Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Scott Hoskins, Journalism Adviser/Photographer • Published May 13, 2024
Photo Gallery: JROTC @Daytona Beach Drill World Championships
Photo Gallery: JROTC @Daytona Beach Drill World Championships
Gisely Argueta, Phototgrapher • Published May 8, 2024
Exam schedule posted
Exam schedule posted
Staff ReportPublished May 8, 2024
Laptop collection day set for Thursday, May 16
Laptop collection day set for Thursday, May 16
Staff ReportPublished May 6, 2024

Hispanic Heritage Month: Q&A With the students of West Creek

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15

Hispanic Heritage Month occurs from September 15th to October 15th. This month celebrates many countries’ independence from Spain. Hispanic Heritage Month commemorates all of the cultures of Latin America and their influence and impact on the country. We have a very diverse number of students and we asked some Hispanic students their opinions about being Hispanic.

How would you describe your experience being a Hispanic in 5 words? 

Jesse Ortiz 11th: “Fun, complex, special, inspiring, difficult.”

Josue Tellez 10th: “Being called an expletive word.”

Sofia Ibarra 10th: “Fun, colorful, hardworking, complicated, diverse.”

Hayden Salinas, 10

Landon Espinoza 10th: “Stressful because of Hispanic parents.”

Hayden Salinas 10th: “Very colorful and very unique.”

Arwen Rocha 10th: “Changing, traditional, empowering, cultural, unique.”

Ashlynn Martinez 11th:  “Beautiful, interesting, inspiring, empowering, joyful.”

Gabriela Barzola 9th: “Amazing but with some discrimination.”

Shari Holt 11th: “Different, special, beautiful, blessing, experience.”

Cass Ruiz 11th: “Spiritual, adventurous, meaningful, respectable, inspirational.”

What’s your favorite Latin food?

Gabriela Barzola, 9

Jesse Ortiz 11th: “Bean and Cheese Tacos”

Josue Tellez 10th: “de la rosa candy”

Shari Holt, 11

Sofia Ibarra 10th: “Menudo”

Landon Espinoza 10th: “Bean burritos”

Hayden Salinas 10th: “Flautas”

Arwen Rocha 10th: “Spanish potato tortillas”

 Ashlynn Martinez 11th: “Pozole”

Gabriela Barzola 9th: “Pupusas and cheese arepas”

Arwen Rocha, 10

Shari Holt 11th: “Plantains”

Cass Ruiz 11th: “Tortas ”

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Jesse Ortiz 11th: “It means being respected for a month…Able to learn about my culture, getting appreciation for our  hardships contributions and culture.”

Josue Tellez 10th: “My heritage”

Sofia Ibarra 10th: “It allows us to be present in America because that’s usually where it happens, like hearing about other cultures so this is our representation.”

Landon Espinoza, 10

Landon Espinoza 10th: “Able to figure out how I can spend time with family during the month and gain knowledge on traditions.”

Hayden Salinas 10th: “To me, it means that I get to see the inspiration and spread of my culture.”

Arwen Rocha 10th: “Just the way for them to represent people and people who live in the U.S. right now because it’s not really celebrated anywhere else.”

Ashlynn Martinez 11th: ”It means a lot because my family worked hard to get where they are now.”

Sofia Ibarra, 10

Gabriela Barzola 9th: “Like celebrating our race and sharing our culture with everybody.”

Shari Holt 11th: “It means to me being able to celebrate and recognize my culture.”

Cass Ruiz 11th: “Being recognized for all the Hispanic history that all of our ancestors have gone through.”

What is one thing that you want people to know or understand about being Hispanic?

Jesse Ortiz 11th: “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

Josue Tellez 10th: “Just because someone is dark doesn’t mean they’re mixed.”

Cass Ruiz, 11

Sofia Ibarra 10th: “It’s different from what people think.”

Landon Espinoza 10th: “That usually a thing that people should not be is racist and generalize all Hispanics into a stereotype.”

Ashlynn Martinez, 11

Hayden Salinas 10th: “That our food is the best (respectfully).”

Arwen Rocha 10th: “A lot of the cultures between countries are really different and they all aren’t one stereotype.”

Ashlynn Martinez 11th: “Not all Spanish is exactly the same.”

Josue Tellez, 11

Gabriela Barzola 9th: “Why they call us beaners where does that come from.”

Shari Holt 11th: “Hispanics come from all around the world, and they come in all shades.”

Jesse Ortiz, 11

Cass Ruiz 11t: “That our culture can be very interesting and is often looked past on.”



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