100-word rant: best musical artist?

Who is the best musical artist?

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The 100-Word Rant will be a weekly feature in The Coyote Caller. Each week, Khiara Roper will ask students a question. Their responses will make up the 100-word rant.

Students listen to all kinds of music: different genres and different artists. Yet, who do they think is the best? This week’s 100-word rant is “Who do you believe is the best musical artist?” Students share their opinions below. 

Serenity Benton, Senior: 

“Melanie Martínez is not only a good artist, but she is also one of the greatest artists of this generation, and here is why. Her songs as well as her music videos have subtle and not-so-subtle hints within them. For example, a song on her latest album “K-12” called “Orange Juice.” The details of the music video and the song address both the effects of bullying from classmates and the effects of eating disorders. She talks about topics that most musicians and others don’t want to talk about. She doesn’t hide her interests and embraces who she is and what she likes. Melanie Martinez is not only an amazing musician, but someone I look up to.”

Mia Hutchens, Senior:

“By far, the best musical artist is Tyler the Creator. No one can disagree that his music is trash because there are numbers that can 100% beat that. His lyrics are genuinely so poetic and beautiful, I shed tears every time his music plays. Concerts are also what makes an artist an artist, you can see their creativity and their devotion whenever they host a tour and perform. Tyler is one of the artists that people would simply pay for because of the way he hosts concerts. He interacts with his audience, has creative ways to transition into songs, and overall just has a really big stage performance. He’s an amazing artist.”

Amber Marchand, Senior:

Miley Cyrus is one of the most iconic artists of our generation. Almost everyone in the human population has heard of her or her biggest-known song, “Party in the USA.” Miley got her start from the hit show Hannah Montana, which led to further fame and amazing songs. Even people who listen to rap or don’t really listen to music at all would know who Miley Cyrus is. Cyrus has several other must-play songs such as “The Climb” and “Wrecking Ball.” She has had times where she wasn’t too active to be known to the world, but she always makes her grand entrance in the musical industry.”

Maliyah Borja, Senior:

“I think Drake is the best rapper because his music speaks to me more than any artist. I relate to so many of his songs. His lyrics just hit so much. He is just an inspiration to me and keeps me going. His lyrics are just different from any other artist, and that’s why I vibe with him so hard. It’s just the way he inspires so many people and helps the people around him and continues to push the upcoming artists to do things in life to accomplish their goals. He is the GOAT.”