Spring Sports Preview: Flag Football

Spring Sports Preview: Flag Football

Girls’ flag football has emerged as a popular sport in middle Tennessee. Following the success in Williamson County last Spring, CMCSS decided to field its own league for all its high schools.

The Coyotes team will play 6 regular-season games beginning on March 23 at home against Northeast High School. 

Coaches Aaron King and Keisha Fedderman are excited about launching their program. They sat down with Emonie Bailey to discuss their expectations of the first girls’ flag football team.

Emonie Bailey  (EB): What is the team’s goal this year?

Keisha Fedderman (KF): The team’s ultimate goal, of course, is to be undefeated and to beat every other school, but more than anything we just want to bring awareness to girls flag football

Aaron King (AK): To win, we expect to win that’s the motto

EB: What players do you anticipate will be leaders for the team? What are their qualities that make them leaders?

KF: All of them have the potential to be leaders we’ll just see with more practice who will emerge on top, the aspect that we look for are someone who is there, taking in constructive criticism and practicing outside of school and genuinely enjoying themselves and the sport

AK: We’re still evaluating that. I think a lot of girls are hesitant to take that leadership role, so still, in that evaluation process, we haven’t had a lot of players try to step in. Being at meetings, being at practice is huge and always being somebody that does something to your best ability at all times and pushes their teammates to do so, somebody that pushes them to understand that this is serious.

EB: Since this is a new sport, how have the girls handled learning the rules and basics of the game?

KF: well of course this is a day-by-day process because this is a new sport and everything that they know about football is a little bit different, but they have taken on the task head-on and have been positive with all of the information 

AK: They’re great at it, it also helps that I have a simplified game plan for everything, but the girls are really taking to the schemes and concepts of football and a lot of them already know football so that helps, it’s still a fun process teaching them about the game 

EB: Is there anything else you would like to say about the team and this upcoming season?

KF: we are so excited and proud of them because win or lose we’ve already made history

AK: I’m just really excited we have a lot of awesome athletes, and I can’t wait to see how they all work together to accomplish the same goal, they’re all from different sports and they’re all trying to come together to frame their skills all into one to make the best flag football team that there is.

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