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Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Scott Hoskins, Journalism Adviser/Photographer • Published May 13, 2024
Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Photo Gallery: Soccer vs. Northwest, May 9, 2024
Scott Hoskins, Journalism Adviser/Photographer • Published May 13, 2024
Photo Gallery: JROTC @Daytona Beach Drill World Championships
Photo Gallery: JROTC @Daytona Beach Drill World Championships
Gisely Argueta, Phototgrapher • Published May 8, 2024
Exam schedule posted
Exam schedule posted
Staff ReportPublished May 8, 2024
Laptop collection day set for Thursday, May 16
Laptop collection day set for Thursday, May 16
Staff ReportPublished May 6, 2024

Meet Ariy Denson, Athlete of the Month

Emonie Bailey
Ariy Denson

Senior Ariy Denson was named the January Coyote Athlete of the Month. Keynu Rau sat down with her to discuss this and much more.

Keynu Rau (KR): How does it feel to be named athlete of the month?

Ariy Denson (AD): “It feels nice you get the recognition for the hard work you have put in.”


KR: What sports do you play?

AD: “Basketball, track, soccer, and flag football in the spring.”


KR: What do you see yourself accomplishing in five to 10 years?

AD: “I see myself completing college with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and going to medical school to become an anesthesiologist.”


KR: Are there any short-term goals you’d like to accomplish in the next few months to a couple of years?

AD: “I want to start playing sports in college.”


KR: What do you believe to be one of your weaknesses and what are you doing to improve it?

AD: “My weakness specifically is I’m my own worst enemy, I get into my head a lot.”


KR: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of sports?

AD: “Yes, I like to cook, play piano, draw, and listen to music.”


KR: Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete?

AD: “I’m a great leader and very resilient.”


KR: Which sport is your favorite to play and why?

AD: “Basketball simply because I’ve played it the longest, it’s a different feel on the court, and it’s very hard to get a ball through a little tiny hoop.”


KR: Why are you so passionate about playing sports?

AD: “It has been something I have been doing since I was really young and so it’s been a really huge part of the way I have grown up. My parents played sports so it’s kinda our thing.”


KR: Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?

AD: “I look up to Candace Parker, I love her, she is the embodiment of everything I look up to for girls’ basketball. She is resilient, she’s a leader, she knows how to play while getting others involved.”


KR: Describe your worst sports performance. What did you learn from this experience?

AD: “My worst sports performance was when we played Rossview like a month ago, I couldn’t score anything, like we lost badly.”


KR: Tell me about your most successful season in sports.

AD: “It’s a tie between soccer and basketball right now. With soccer, I had 9 shutouts, and then I let in 1.6 goals on average throughout the season. Then for basketball, I’m scoring over 10 points a game and a bunch of double-doubles.”


KR: What do you look for in a great coach?

AD: “Someone who is willing to actually take the time out to coach a lot of coaches thinks you just know it because you play the sport. Someone who is going to sit there and help you get to the point you want to get to.”


KR: What are your preferred pre- game, locker room and post game routines?

AD: “Pre-game and post-game listening to music, most definitely; of course, hydrate before and after the game. If you gotta pray, pray like really hone in and don’t let nothing distract you.”


KR: What do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match?

AD: “My dad, because he lives far and my sisters, because they’re never here.


KR: What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

AD: “Anything Youngboy because he gets me in the zone.”


KR: What is your favorite movie about sports?

AD: “Love & Basketball.”


KR: What age were you when you started playing your sport?

AD: “Started basketball when I was 11 years old, soccer I was 16, track I was 14, and then flag football I will be 18.”


KR: What is your favorite food to eat the night before a big competition?

AD: “Pasta, specifically chicken alfredo.”


KR: Who inspired you as a young athlete?

AD: “My mom most definitely.”


KR: What one word describes you?

AD: “Interesting.”


KR: Who was your favorite coach and why?

AD: “Coach Keener, because he is always pushing me to be the best version of myself regardless of how I am feeling. He is always going to talk me out of getting in my own head. He is like a father figure since my dad doesn’t live here.”


KR: What do you give up to play sports?

AD: “A Lot of things: Time, sleep, money, mental health, and physical health.”


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